Rhoda Mbugua

As an ardent entrepreneur, I keep my eyes open to the numerous opportunities available for
trade and business both locally and globally. I admit though that gold does not look like gold until
somebody has had the courage to explore and do a lot of work on it. So it is with all the
opportunities around us.

A great passion for the outdoors, an appreciation for nature and all its
beauty and abundance, has ultimately led me to settle on Agribusiness, growing and selling
fresh fruits and vegetables.

I am a Director with Kijani Fields Ltd, exporters of fresh fruits with a
bias for the Hass avocado. Through this venture, coupled with my Board role at OWIT Nairobi, I
look forward to being directly instrumental in moving OWIT Nairobi towards achieving our goal
‘to enable women to generate 60 per cent of their sales revenue from exports by 2030’.
Besides food farming, I enjoy lawn gardening for the appreciation of outdoor beauty.
Agribusiness is more of a passion turned into a business.

I grew up on a farm where my family practiced commercial farming both for local markets and for export. Personally I have been engaged in small scale farming for many years as a hobby and a rejuvenating pastime. This has now turned into a fully fledged export trade business. Thanks to OWIT for all the capacity building that catalyzed the passion into a business.
My other line of business engagement is in the insurance industry where I run an Agency,
playing the role of consultant to clients as an intermediary between the insured and the insurer.
I value my time in OWIT, more so being in the leadership team as this gives me an opportunity
to serve the women in business, many of whom are in the SME sector. We help each other to
scale up our businesses, moving away from our comfort zones and growing beyond borders.
I have previously served in the Board as Secretary and as Treasurer, and I consider it a
privilege to take up the role of Treasurer one more time.