What does OWIT Nairobi do?

OWIT Nairobi is a business membership organisation that supports and promotes the advancement of women in international trade and business. OWIT Nairobi’s vision is to empower women to transform communities through global trade. We achieve this by providing Access to Markets, Access to Finance, Capacity Building and mentorship.

How can I become a member of OWIT Nairobi?

Become a member by following these easy steps
● Review the different membership options we have
● Select the type of membership you are interested in
● Complete the member application form
● Pay the membership fee.

What is the member registration process?

Fill in the membership application form and submit to admin@owitnairobi.org

● Make payments for membership forward the confirmation of payment to

● Submit your business profile, your personal profile and 1 passport photo to

● Attend the new member orientation scheduled with our membership department

What are the benefits of becoming a member of OWIT Nairobi?

You become a member of a community of women and men in business and international trade
● You are able to network with members
● Business development opportunities
● You have access to OWIT Nairobi members
● You get to access to events and trainings that focus on business and international trade

How do I renew my membership?

Pay your membership renewal fees via MPESA or directly to the bank
Forward confirmation of payment to admin@owitnairobi.org