Derby Hassan

Derby has over 15 years of experience in media, entertainment, entrepreneurship and events planning in Kenya. With her finance background, she manages an entertainment company that works with artists including organizing gigs, support in production, and reviewing contracts. She has been involved in corporate branding, communication, and marketing with different companies.
She has organized several successful international conferences and events for different industries including Aviation, Insurance, Wildlife Conservation among others.

Derby is passionate about women and has co-founded “Doyenne Woman” . Based on her personal experiences, she felt as women we go through so much and are sometimes overwhelmed with life
but we don’t have safe space to talk about it. Through Doyenne Woman, she has created a safe space where young ladies are guided by having people narrate their personal

She believes that people learn through story telling and are able to relate when people speak about their personal experiences. With Doyenne Woman, she has been able to guide many young ladies and she has served as a mentor to many more. She will continue to use her voice and influence to bring positive change to the world.