PAULINE OKUBASU - VP Resource Mobilization


Pauline is a skilled, passionate and self-driven professional with 10+ years of experience in marketing and communication. Her background and experience in Branding, Advertising, Sales, Customer Experience, Events Management and Digital Marketing make her competitive in the industry. She is passionate about the development of women in Africa and helps mostly start-up companies enhance their brand identity and outreach for impact.

Pauline is in agri-processing, doing value addition on fruits under the brand, Azaavi Foods. Under this brand, she aims to promote sustainable production practices for organic farming, enhance good health, create employment and economically empower the farmer.

She is also the founder of Samara Jewel, a brand that helps women feel beautiful and confident by complementing their clothing with jewelry. The business specializes in pure silver and real pearl ornaments and accessories.

Pauline serves on the OWIT Nairobi Board as the Vice President, Resource Mobilization. In this role, she is responsible for building strategic partnerships and identifying opportunities for financial support through sponsorships. Her desire is to see every woman in the organization achieve personal and economic growth as they impact their families, community, country, continent and the world.