The leadership team for you

Caroline Gathii

Caroline has twenty (20) years multi-sectoral and regional professional experience in governance, risk and financial management.

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Sabina Njonjo
Board Secretary

Sabina Njonjo is the founder of Heel To Toe Ltd, a leading provider of globally competitive superior brands in East Africa.

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Rosslyn Sadia-Mutahi

Rosslyn Mutahi is a process and quality expert working with individuals and teams who want to simplify work, increase productivity and amplify profitability.

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Natasha Nalyaka
VP Outreach and P.R

Natasha is the founder of Lavida Events, a design and management company that specializes in crafting event ideas to life.

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Nancy Aketch
VP Membership

Nancy Aketch is the founder of Tarajii Insurance Agency. Tarajii provides general insurance and consultancy services.

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Pauline Okubasu
VP Resource Mobilization

Pauline is a skilled, passionate and self-driven professional with 10+ years of experience in marketing and communication.

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Susan Ndirangu
VP Programs

Susan is a result driven professional with over 15 years’ experience in the Energy Sector.

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Mucha Mlingo
Board Advisor

Mucha is the Founder of PTS Africa Ltd which provides high impact training solutions in Emotional Intelligence.

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